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Skillful Collaboration

Working Successfully with Others to Achieve a Common Goal


Creative thinking, effective problem solving, increased productivity, job satisfaction, and more: the benefits of collaboration are significant, both for individuals and organizations. That is, when things run smoothly. But there is much more to collaboration than working side-by-side with people. There is an effective way to collaborate - and an ineffective way to collaborate. Believe it or not, sometimes it is the wrong choice altogether. That is because successful collaboration requires a combination of the right situation, well-honed skills, and an open mindset.


Before the individuals in your organization attempt the next project, introduce them to Skillful Collaboration: Working Successfully with Others to Achieve a Common Goal. Its the soft-skills training program that will help them to make sense of the ins and outs of collaboration. From setting common objectives, defining roles, and establishing processes to communication strategies, troubleshooting obstacles, and building networks, Skillful Collaboration focuses on how to structure an effective framework that enables individuals to develop harmonious and productive working relationships.

Program Length: Half Day or Full Day
e-learning Length: 1 hour

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