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Marketing Research

Humanizing the data.

So often we give a logical response to what we're thinking. But at the end of the day, there are emotions tied to those responses rooted in our past experiences and exposures.

We put our marking research and marketing analysis methodologies to work for a wide range of clients.

Services from this entire spectrum of capabilities can be selected and combined to address the needs of corporations, non-profits or public entities. Our precise post-evaluation measures progress and provides a roadmap for future efforts. 

Focus Groups -

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Benchmark Studies

Mystery Shopping


  • Study design

  • Survey development

  • Logistics and implementation

  • Fieldwork

  • Moderating and facilitating

  • Data analytics, benchmarking, reporting



Case Study

Client: City of Dallas, Love Field Airport
Project: Airport Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Research
CMI Competencies: Marketing Research | Customer Experience | Employee Engagement

Client Need
The City of Dallas Love Field Airport sought to gain a better understanding of traveler experience in several key revenue-generating areas to improve processes and increase quality outcomes for customers and employees during major renovations at the airport.

CMI's Solution
CMI collected hundreds of data points quarterly from a variety of customer stakeholders, analyzed the data to uncover trends, generated reports and graphs, reviewed findings, met client executives, and conducted roundtable discussions to assist the airport to develop and implement innovative solutions. CMI trained professional interviewers and coordinated data collection schedules to ensure surveys provided accurate, valid and reliable data that was representative of the diverse traveler population. CMI presented and facilitated a comparative analysis that compared the customer service experience to several benchmark airports on a national and international scale.

The Results
CMI further analyzed customer service attributes that were most important to airport customers.  From this analysis, the CMI team was able to uncover which areas needed improvement, then provide input on how to make the desired improvements.  These insights were critical during periods of significant growth and expansion at the airport. The airport maintained its target level of customer service and experienced a 15% increase in the reports of customer satisfaction following the implementation of recommended CMI solutions. CMI demonstrated its experience in project management, industry research and surveys, verification analysis, performance monitoring, and process improvement planning during this contract.  The airport is rated as one of the top airports in the nation in the International Airport category.


The Results

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