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Human centric, data-driven and timely solutions.

Since our agency's doors opened over two decades ago, our focus remains consumer insightsculture diversity and change management.

Whatever you need is, we want to partner with you to identify a human centric, data-driven and timely solution. We provide exposure, experience, as well as transferable skills and knowledge.

Select your area of need or interest:

  • Focus Groups (In-person) & Online

  • Online & Telephone Surveys

  • One-on-One Interviews

  • Intercept and Benchmark Studies

  • Mystery Shopping

Services Include:

  • Study design, survey development

  • Logistics and implementation

  • Fieldwork

  • Moderating and facilitating

  • Data analysis, benchmarking, reporting

How can CMI help you find & execute a solution?


Connect with us for an immediate consultation



We look forward to connecting with you!

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