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Navigating Difficult Conversations

How to Successfully Handle Difficult Workplace Conversations

This workshop introduces a seven-stage process to help managers, supervisors, and leaders
successfully handle difficult workplace conversations with their employees. Most managers and team leaders do not enjoy the task of having to let an employee go or provide them with a negative performance review. These are just a couple of examples of difficult conversations which are an unavoidable circumstance in the workplace. But they don’t have to be feared or dreaded—they can be handled in such a way that increases self-confidence and encourages an environment of positivity. Navigating Difficult Conversations introduces participants to a seven-stage process for taking control in these situations and minimizing negative backlash to reduce stress, increase trust, and improve relationships and productivity. With realistic examples and role-playing activities, this program helps participants as they prepare, carry-out, and close difficult conversations —leading them to embrace, rather than fear confrontation and produce long-lasting benefits for the employee and organization.

Program Length: Half Day or Full Day
e-learning Length: 30 minutes

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