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Practical Project Management

Taking Projects from Inception to Completion


It's not unusual for an organization's employees to be immersed in a series of projects in any given week. However, many times those projects unearth less than desirable results where valuable resources are wasted and time lost due to poor conception and implementation. Being able to carry a project from its inception to completion, on time, on budget, and with effective results is a critical and invaluable skill to any organization. Practical Project Management will help employees to become effective leaders on projects of any size and scope. The program walks participants through four key stages to project management. Throughout the course, they are given the opportunity to apply the techniques inherent in each stage as they work to help a team construct an on-site fitness center that will encourage a healthier lifestyle for employees leading to reduced health insurance costs.

Program Length: Half Day or Full Day
e-learning Length: 50 minutes

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