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Accountability at Work

Creating A Culture of Ownership and Responsibility

The benefits to fostering a culture of accountability are not far-fetched. Most organizations are well aware of the end-result – high levels of employee commitment, participation, satisfaction and overall company morale just to name a few. What is less obvious is how to get there. Accountability is not about giving people more responsibility or punishing them for errors. The goal is simple – encourage actions that are consistent with desired results. This frame of mind sets the pace for accountability at Work. The program leads participants through the concept and practices of accountability in two respects – personal and mutual accountability.


The first half of the program focuses on encouraging actions that are consistent with behavior-related expectations – teaching participants how to take responsibility for the consequences and outcomes of individual choices and actions by building trust, seeking feedback, and learning from mistakes; while, the second half of the program provides insight into taking actions that are consistent with task-related expectations – participants discover how to count on one another to keep commitments by establishing accountability agreements and engaging in accountability conversations both within and outside of teams. Breaking the concept and practices of accountability down to the personal and mutual level presents participants with the opportunity to develop a more complete understanding of how to effect a culture of accountability in their workplace.

Program Length: Half Day or Full Day
e-learning Length: 60 minutes

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