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Customer success story.



CMI Competencies:

United States Department of Transportation (DOT).

Technical Assistance In Nationwide Community Traffic Safety Program.

Project Management, Training, Event Management, Community Engagement.

Client Need


The National Highway Transportations Safety Administration (NHTSA), a division of DOT, needed technical assistance in a nationwide safety campaign.  The campaign had several objectives: To reduce nationwide coalitions, improve customer service for community traffic safety advocates and injury prevention professionals, improve maintenance of the program website and coalition database and enhance other miscellaneous services to further NHTSA’s injury prevention mission.



CMI Action


The CMI team implemented a 5-year contract with the NHTSA to provide technical assistance for the nationwide coalition reduction campaign and to further the client’s safety mission. CMI developed, wrote, designed and planned systematic methods of distribution for outreach materials, articles, presentations and other tools to market using a Safe Communities model.  These materials were distributed to targeted audiences throughout the nation.  The team assisted all national NHTSA regions with marketing and worked with the states and local coalitions when requested to promote and raise awareness on all traffic safety/injury prevention activities on an as-needed basis. CMI designed, developed and executed a two-part webinar series that hosted over 50 participants representing the 10 NHTSA regions for education, instruction and communication of successful coalition practices to Regional Program Managers, Administrators, and state partners across the nation.


The CMI team designed and launched a high-quality, user-friendly website for the Community Traffic Safety Program.  The website helped provide consistency. We also offered quality technical assistance to NHTSA headquarters and all regional offices, assisting with their specific needs which saved hundreds of client hours. CMI assisted with outreach efforts to community-based programs, increasing participation and boosting interest in traffic safety programs. Additionally, an organized coalition database and a nationwide webinar series improved communication between regional stakeholders and allowed regions to share and disseminate best practices to improve program outcomes nationwide.

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