Traditional tools. Groundbreaking applications.

While our list of services may appear familiar, it’s our approach that truly sets CMI apart. Our expert market research is only the beginning, when we gather insight, goals, KPIs and more. From that, we can derive process-improvements that we implement with employee training. Then, we perform post-analysis to measure and monitor performance and to uncover areas for future improvement. 



Process-, not project-, oriented 

While we can provide any of our services individually, CMI is the expert at synthesizing all the functions required to bring about change for our clients. We harmonize all these disciplines to optimize their performance and to save clients the trouble of having to contract and coordinate the efforts of separate entities, many of whom may have competing interests. This holistic approach makes the difference in the CMI method. And, in our clients’ success. 

Boundless curiosity, custom approach    

We never allow our experience to make us complacent. We study every project as a unique effort, understanding its distinct needs, and rely on our proficiency without resting on our laurels. In our world, there is no room for “been there, done that.” 

Minimizing risk, maximizing reward    

Change is a challenging process, and our approach is designed to produce the most beneficial outcomes. By thoroughly understanding the situation to start with, CMI uncovers any pitfalls or areas of concern to accommodate. We define what success looks like at the outset. Then, we work closely with our clients so they are informed and involved in every step of the process as it moves forward.